Wonder Woman Doesn’t Deserve the Praise It’s Getting

Truthfully, despite my burning desire, I’ve been afraid to talk about Wonder Woman. A lot of people get especially heated when it comes to this movie, and I’ve seen many a fight on Reddit that made me shy away. But the recent Golden Globe nominations have sparked a little fire in me. I’ve been hearing a lot of uproars because Wonder Woman hasn’t been nominated for anything, and neither has Gal Gadot based on her performance in Wonder Woman.

Am I surprised Wonder Woman hasn’t been nominated? Not at all.

Despite its shocking 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s simply not a good movie. A movie shouldn’t just be nominated because it was successful at the box office, and had a ‘revolutionary’ female director and female lead.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful that we have such a big box office hit, directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. I think it’s wonderful that we have more big-screen role models for young girls to look up to. I think it’s wonderful that women are given more opportunities in movies, and are not just portrayed as damsels in distress.

But that doesn’t mean because Wonder Woman may meet that criteria, it’s a good movie. There are many other movies directed by women that are much better, including American Psycho by Mary Harron or Big by Penny Marshall, just to name a couple. My point is, there are other great female directors and there are many other wonderful female leads, and they haven’t received the attention Wonder Woman has. Check out my post that I just wrote about 6 female leads that inspire badassery (Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman was not one of them).

Perhaps this movie is hard to dismiss as just another DC movie because so many people claimed this movie was for the feminists, it was for the women. But, it’s not a movie for feminists. It’s just an average movie – why can’t we leave it at that?


I refuse to believe a movie that spends more time discussing whether Steve Trevor is an average specimen for his size rather than spending time mourning the death of her aunt Antiope, is a feminist movie. I refuse to believe that a movie for feminists is where almost every character (besides the Amazonians) have to comment on Diana’s looks. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being absolutely stunning and being powerful at the same time – actually, that’s fantastic. It shows girls you can be beautiful and still kick butt in whatever aspect of your life, without needing a man. But why must we focus on her looks throughout the movie?

I loved the Amazonians, and I definitely wanted to see more of them. The death of Antiope felt so rushed, and therefore, not as emotionally hard-hitting. Wouldn’t it have been cooler if Diana, Antiope, and a few other Amazon women went to defeat Ares together? I think a battle on the island of Themyscira would’ve been fantastic and would’ve given the characters more time to shine. Aren’t the characters on Themyscira far more interesting than the war crew Diana fought with?

Speaking of the war crew, let’s get to Steve Trevor. I understand that Steve Trevor is in the comics, and perhaps they needed to write his storyline to drive Diana’s character further in Justice League. But I would’ve been fine if he wasn’t in this movie at all. I didn’t need to see their poorly written romance – it felt so forced and there was no chemistry between the two leads. Diana is an Amazonian goddess, so obviously, the first man she’s ever fallen in love or been with has got to be pretty special, right? I don’t believe Steve Trevor is that man.


And finally, let’s address Gal Gadot’s acting. It’s rough. I don’t believe she’s sad about her aunt’s death, I don’t believe she’s in love with Steve Trevor, as previously stated, and I don’t even believe she hates war. Her acting is just not up to par. She’s appeared in quite a few big movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, Knight and Day, Date Night and Keeping Up With the Joneses. But I feel like none of her performances stand out to me. I think you could replace Gal Gadot in almost all of her roles, and the movie would feel the same.

I hope I don’t sound needlessly cruel because I do think Wonder Woman is a step in the right direction. But it definitely doesn’t merit any Golden Globe nominations.

What did you think of Wonder Woman? Do you think it deserves any awards?


6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Doesn’t Deserve the Praise It’s Getting

  1. Cil

    I finally saw this movie. It is a regular movie to me.

    Beyond all you said, which I have pointed out myself to the friends I saw it with, the whole feminist thing is just ridiculous as it took Steve’s death, her love, for her to release her powers. That is so unfeminist. The chemistry? There is none as it is Superman x Lois or Thor x Jane Foster (this last one is the worst by far).

    I mean… before his death a whole village was destroyed and she just held her head in one of the worst grief acted scene I saw since HP crying in Prisoner of Askaban.

    I am a child of Davy Jones, my all time well done CGI character. I couldn’t believe that the whole character was CGI after I saw Pirates 2 and went to discuss it in forumns (I thought only the tentacles were cgi). The CGI of WW just didn’t allow me to enjoy the movie because it was too distracting.

    I am a huge fan of pratical effects mixed with CGI as Marvel is doing. Yep, I have to bring them here bc comparatively they are the ones using CGI the most nowadays. I can cite Cap x Helicopter, Civil War tunnel chase and Iron Man 3 Monkey thing (parachuters were used here!!). All of these scenes were later improved with CGI, instead of wholy done with it. Just to compare, Marvel is no saint too. Every time they used purely CGI the final product wasn’t good (the whole Dormammu dimension and the being himself).

    Then, what do we have in WW? There is a moment she holds and throws a tank and I was like “Hey, Darcy’s boyfriend did it better in Thor TDW”. They transionated from the human WW to the CGI one so badly that I got an Atari feeling. The CGI level in WW is 80’s.

    Except for the fight in the island, there was not much to it too.

    Revenge of The Sith is my favorite Star Wars movie nowadays, despite people speaking forever of the CGI fest. Now tell me that Obi Wan x Anakin in the final act of that movie wasn’t the best ever sabre fight?! The scene of Diana x Ares is similar to that, but I don’t see people being so vicious on the CGI fest AAAAAND their fight was nowhere that level of good. They pratically didn’t touch each other.

    There is a moment she runs throwing soldiers out of the way and I got the impression they put a “in the pose” Gal in front of a green screen and used CGI to give the impression people were being thrown out of way. Nooooooo!

    All in all a regular movie, although a huge advance of what DC was doing because it carried a story with beginning, middle and end. However, considering JL, the third time is not a charm.

    Regarding the non-nomination, considering the Weinstein case, I thought they would nominated things of this movie just because… like they did with the whole white/black Oscar when they nominated more balck actors/actresses due to the supposed backlash of the all white Oscar the year before (I am black before someone comes for my throat. I am not discrediting the talent of the winners, but it is as it is).


    1. Yeah, I agree. A lot of the fight scenes weren’t very good, and it looks like they told Gadot to stand in front of green screen, model a pose and pretend to fight. It wasn’t very good, but it’s a step up from other DC movies. And Justice League was a let down for me… But I think they’re getting a little better? I just had such an issue that this movie was seen as a movie for the feminists, and it’s definitely not! Thanks for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment!


  2. I agree with most of what you’ve written. I don’t see any ‘feminist’ issue in this film – the idea of Themyscira being a world entirely populated by women isn’t something new, but has always been the case in the comic books.
    I enjoyed this movie – but it might be partly because my expectations for DC cinematic films has gotten so low that I was just glad it wasn’t terrible. I really liked Gadot – but I agree with you it wasn’t that much of an ‘acting’ performance. And I agree with you that the film isn’t award-worthy: but then, to be honest, I don’t pay much attention to awards anymore or to industry acclaim and all that kind of stuff.

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    1. Thanks for reading! I agree that Wonder Woman is one of the better DC movies. But again, that’s not hard in comparison to other films. I do think it’s a step in the right direction, and I’m hopeful in where they take these movies.


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